Ana Maria Campos

Ana Maria Campos
Artistic Director, Choreographer + Dancer
Ana Maria Campos has spent all her life actively involved in Flamenco. Her family is from Malaga, in Southern Spain, where music and dance influences their daily activities.
In 1986, she established the Spanish School of Dance in Stanmore and Glebe. Soon after, she began teaching at the Spanish Club in Sydney and at the Spanish Speaking People's Association in Newcastle.

The School
The school concentrates its attention chiefly on the teaching of Flamenco and other Spanish dances in its three aspects, i.e. Dance, Guitar and Singing. The School, which currently has over 200 students, is open to students of all levels, for the beginner who is starting from scratch, to the professional who feels the need to specialise in certain areas.
Every student has the opportunity to increase their skills and techniques by progression through different styles and to higher level classes. Castanets, manton de Manila (shawl) and bata de cola (dress with long train) are incorporated with experienced Intermediate and Advanced level students.

Centre for Culture, Creativity and Social Gathering
Several major performances are held each year, giving every student experience in grooming, costume and performance.
Advanced students are incorporated in the Al Andalus Flamenco Dance Co. and perform weekly at weddings, parties and corporate functions to either recorded music or live guitar.
Costume Production is coordinated through the School and specific requirements such as dance shoes, castanets, fans, shawls, and hats are imported directly from Spain and are available for purchase. 

Ana Maria Campos travels to Spain regularly to train and observe development in Spanish music and performance, incorporating these in the school's tuition and choreography.

Students are encouraged to attend classes regularly and be punctual. Females wear a long loose skirt, t-shirt or leotard and shoes with solid heels. Males wear comfortable clothes and boots with a Cuban heel.
Bring a water bottle - you may need it!